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The Bandstand

The Bandstand (sometimes referred to as the Band House) was located at the top of the Pavilion Gardens near where the top car park is today. It was a rustic style building with open sides, which could be covered with canvas against the elements. It was large enough to accommodate a band of a dozen musicians with their instruments, including a harp and small piano and had toilets at the rear. The building provided cover and allowed them to continue playing for visitors’ enjoyment if the weather was inclement. It was shown on the 1906 Ordnance Survey map but it is likely that it was built earlier since it appears in the Cromartie Estate accounts for 1896. It is not known when exactly it was demolished but the most likely date is around the early 60s when the Gardens were being redeveloped. It was quite common for visitors to leave a carving of their initials or name and, in some cases, a date.  



                                            N ROSS                                                                                           K MCKAY


                                            W MCBAIN                                                                                        RAB


                                               JAF 1919                                                                                 AM   BT   PAM   W