Community Park Clean-Up!



Well where were you folks? The workers amounted to two OAPs, childless me and one other helper. Yes, it was raining to begin with but this, as forecast, soon eased off. We on the committee have been conscious that you may have given up hope of the community park ever getting off the ground, and so we decided to start these Saturday work mornings as an opportunity to carry out some activity on the ground. Despite our small numbers we managed to tidy up the play area quite a bit, as the "before and after" photos show. We hope that the kids who use it and their parents appreciate that, and perhaps you'd like to come and help a bit next time? The clue is in the word "community" and if we are going to get funding to launch the project we need to be able to demonstrate that you all care enough for it to happen. Your committee have been wading through various obstacles for 5 years and we are starting to lose heart. There is no point in continuing if folks don't support the project - so it's up to you now. Your committee are all busy next Saturday, but there's nothing to stop you going down and continuing the the tidy-up. We have: removed weeds and rubbish from the enclosed play area; raked it; started to make a "willowherb free zone" around it; made a large compost heap of weed material over the fence to the right (road side) of the entrance; left most of the wild raspberry as we thought you might like the berries when they come. You could help particularly by carrying on hand pulling the willowherb (much more effective than cutting or strimming) and trampling the nettles etc as you go. You could put all the weeds on the compost heap or take some away and make your own at home. If you find any rubbish please put it in a bin bag and take it home to your green bin. We look forward to seeing you on future Saturday mornings or at the AGM on Weds 21st June 7.30pm at the community centre ... Photos of the before and after so you can see the difference a few people can make.